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  • Implementation 1.2.7 Direct stakeholder and policymaker outreach.
  • Implementation 1.2.7 Conduct briefings and workshops around aspects of the Plan’s goals and recommendations.
  • Implementation 1.2.7 Develop and execute a media strategy around the Plan.
  • Implementation 1.2.8 Identify agency and legislative champions for specific Plan recommendations.
  • Implementation 1.2.9 Develop strategic communications tools to keep Plan participants informed and engaged in implementation activities, and to broaden the network of engaged public and private sector participants.
  • Implementation 1.2.10 Identify recommendations where the collaborative’s efforts should be targeted, either because of the cross-sectoral nature of the recommendation or the lack of an existing advocate or structure to promote or address the recommendation.
  • Implementation 1.2.11 Recommend specific implementation strategies to the MFPC, and working with the Council to pursue specific recommendations;
  • Implementation 1.2.12 Develop an annual implementation action plan for the collaborative, with benchmarks towards progress on specific goals and recommendations;
  • Implementation 1.2.13 Facilitate working groups on issues or topic areas identified in the plan, with a focus on multi-sectoral projects and those that don’t have existing organizations championing those items. These working groups may develop campaigns around legislative issues, work toward changes in regulations, or facilitate ongoing communication and networking among practitioners within a sector. They may be short-term engagements on particular topics around which the Plan has recommended collaboration, one-time gatherings called to address a particular issue or challenge, or ongoing opportunities for networking and resource sharing. Where appropriate, groups may be established across sectors to encourage systemic change, or may be focused on developing communities of practice within a particular sector, to help strengthen organizations’ capacities around particular skills.
  • Implementation 1.2.14 Take the lead or identify entities to take on projects proposed by the Plan, such as developing user-friendly guides to regulations, adapting portions of the Plan as advocacy tools, or system mapping.
  • Implementation 1.2.15 Coordinate efforts to track metrics as recommended by the Plan to assess progress toward goals. This will include continued engagement with other New England states to unify shared data and metrics.
  • Implementation 1.2.16 Identify the appropriate partners to develop and disseminate additional needed research and data analysis.
  • Implementation 1.2.17 Develop relationships with businesses, organizations, and municipal stakeholders not yet engaged in the process to identify and pursue opportunities for collaboration.
  • Implementation 1.2.18 Seek opportunities to integrate the implementation efforts of this plan with existing activities by municipal governments and food policy councils, regional planning agencies, and economic development organizations.
  • Implementation 1.2.19 Represent the Plan where appropriate in planning and implementation efforts in other disciplines, such as municipal and regional planning, transportation, energy, labor and workforce, and others.
  • Implementation 1.2.20 Represent the State in New England multi-state planning initiatives, as appropriate.
  • Implementation 1.2.21 Secure resources to provide needs-based funding or stipends to organizations or entities interested in implementation.
  • Implementation 1.3.1 Members of the MFPC should support enacting legislation that broadens the scope of the MFPC beyond developing recommendations – currently its sole responsibility – to include actively coordinating food policy decisions and food system supports among agencies.
  • Implementation 1.3.2 The FPC should consider amending the enabling legislation to promote structural and operational changes that could improve engagement and efficacy, including:
  • Implementation 1.3.2 Create additional seats on the MFPC to ensure representation of a broad range of public and private food system stakeholders. Consideration should be given to representatives of: The Governor’s office; Division of Marine Fisheries; The EOEEA, specifically an individual representing the land interests of State agencies; MassDOT; UMass Extension; The newly-established stakeholder network recommended by this plan; An organization representing the interests of workforce development needs in the State.