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  • Implementation 1.5.6 Ensure that the Department of Housing and Community Developmentā€™s Economic Development Council includes food system concerns in its statewide economic development plan.
  • Implementation 1.5.7 Include food system consideration in all State, regional, and municipal level economic and workforce development planning.
  • Implementation 1.5.8 Include farmers and practitioners from all sectors of the food system in emergency preparedness planning.
  • Implementation 1.5.9 Allow the use of District Local Technical Assistance funds for local and sub-regional food system planning and implementation tasks.
  • Implementation 1.5.10 Take food system issues, including labor and workforce development, into consideration when developing Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy reports and regional economic growth plans.
  • Implementation 1.5.11 Develop resources or support existing entities to assist regions, municipalities, and neighborhoods in conducting food system plans. This could be in the form of food system planning toolkits and guidelines.
  • Implementation 1.5.12 Add guidance on food system planning for municipal planning documents, including master plans, open space and recreation plans, community needs assessments, hazard mitigation plans, and others.
  • Implementation 1.5.13 Coordinate with other states on interstate and regional food planning efforts.