Cultivating Good Food Policy

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Cultivating Good Food Policy

A guide to advocacy campaigns for Massachusetts food system stakeholders

As a farmer, businessperson, or food system organization, day-to-day tasks can be overwhelming. You are likely busy keeping your bottom line out of the red or dealing with local health inspectors. Why should you worry about state policy?

Policy advocacy is one way you can make long-lasting change. Think of policy work as your contribution to changing the system rather than reacting to how the system is making daily life difficult for you and others in your field. For example, you could advocate for tax incentives that help urban farms stay in business. Or you could help change local permitting rules to work with, rather than against, urban farms.

This guide is a tool to help you make meaningful changes that affect your work and your community. Using these tools, you and your allies can contribute to creating  policy that helps the food system thrive.

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