Local Food Policy Councils

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Municipal Strategies to Increase Food Access

Municipal Food Systems Planning Toolkit for MAPC Communities

Good Food Massachusetts

There are more than 20 local food policy councils (FPCs) throughout the state, creating critical momentum for change at the local level. The MA Food System Collaborative is supporting these groups through creating a statewide network of food policy councils. This network provides a venue to strengthen connections between the groups, share best practices, and provide relevant education.

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Food Policy Councils in Massachusetts

Community Food Assessments
Many cities, towns, and regions in Massachusetts have completed Community Food Assessments as a tool to help improve the food system in their area. Food Policy Councils often lead or contribute to these reports, or emerge as one of the primary recommendations from the assessments. An assessment includes gathering information on what food resources are available and their location relative to public transportation, their price point, and the existence of healthy food. Assessments also gather feedback from residents about what food they eat and where they shop as well as improvements they would like to see in their food environment. Findings from these reports can identify needs in the community, and create goals and policy recommendations to improve access to healthy, affordable foods for residents. 

Resources for Food Policy Councils

There are many organizations with resources that can assist a food policy council, whether the council is just forming or is taking on ambitious projects. 

Massachusetts Organizations

Other Organizations