Race and Equity at Farmers Markets

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Creating a Culture of Inclusion Toolkit

Creating a Culture of Inclusion - Report and Toolkit

Brief History of Race and the Boston Farmers' Market

Earlier this year the Collaborative convened two workshops entitled Creating A Culture of Inclusion at Massachusetts Farmers Markets. These discussions were a response to the challenges and opportunities resulting from changing demographic composition of customers at farmers markets across the state, due in part to the popularity of the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP). The goal was to begin a conversation about the role of farmers markets as a welcoming space for all. 

From these workshops came the Creating a Culture of Inclusion at Mass Farmers Markets Toolkit, a compilation of suggestions designed to help market managers and vendors create more welcoming environments. This version of the Toolkit is just a first step -- each of the tools discussed deserves further development. We encourage readers and users of this resource to offer suggestions for additions and changes so that we can build on and improve it over time.

Tools and suggestions include thoughts on how to better:

  • Connect with the community
  • Celebrate market diversity
  • Improve training for market staff, volunteers and vendors
  • Build a common language
  • Establish market rules
  • Improve market design
  • Reduce language and cultural barriers
  • Support under-resourced vendors
  • Support the Healthy Incentives Program
  • Share resources between markets
  • Identify additional funding 

We encourage readers to share this resource with farmers market managers, vendors, and people and organizations that work closely with farmers markets. Please send feedback to Brittany Peats at