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Lettuce Be Local

Bringing local food to chefs

Lynn Stromberg’s business began with a Facebook page called Local Lynn, started in response to friends and family asking her where to get local food in and around Worcester. Over time she gathered hundreds of followers and decided to capitalize on her knowledge of local food sources and her passion for connecting people to local food.

She started her business, Lettuce Be Local, in 2012, bringing produce from local farms to nearby restaurants and stores. The business now serves almost 100 farmers, delivering their food to about 40 clients, including restaurants and small grocery stores. Lynn inspects each of the farms to make sure the food is being grown there. She meets with farmers to discuss their growing plans, and with chefs to discuss what food they would like, in what quantities, and at what time during the year. The business has expanded to employ two staff people; it has a sorting facility but no storage facility.

Both farming and restaurant work often involve long hours and slim profit margins. Lettuce Be Local is helping to expand market opportunities for farmers, while also enabling chefs to buy more food from nearby farms. In the process, she enables local restaurant-goers to enjoy more food grown in Central Massachusetts.

Distribution - Recommendation 2.1: Foster relationships between producers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers that facilitate and prioritize sale and purchase of Massachusetts-grown and -produced products.