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Tools for food system advocates.

To suggest resources for the Collaborative to include, contact Director Winton Pitcoff.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion resources for food system organizations

Our food system, like our country, was constructed within a systemically racist framework. As healthy food relies on healthy soil, a healthy food system relies on practices based on an understanding of this framework and a commitment to dismantling it. The murders of George Floyd and Brianna Taylor, the disproportionate impact of COVID19 on BIPOC communities, and the continuing rise of the far right have made it abundantly clear the need for deep racial equity work. White supremacy culture shows up in the food system in harmful ways that need to be addressed to build a truly inclusive, equitable movement. 

The Collaborative has heard a deep desire to begin or deepen racial equity work within food system organizations and the local food movement more broadly. This page is intended to be a non-exhaustive resource for food system organizations looking to work with DEI consultants. Consultants can assist organizations in addressing and dismantling white supremacy culture in their work and relationships. We hope this is a helpful resource as you begin, continue, or deepen your antiracist journey.

If you have recommendations of others who should be added to this list, please contact In addition, these resources may be helpful: