Financing for small food businesses funds food processing equipment

Image courtesy of Mi Tierra

Despite a devastating fire that leveled Mi Tierra’s restaurant in 2013, the restaurant is thriving today and you can find Mi Tierra’s delicious corn (local and organic) tortillas in stores all over the Connecticut River Valley. This seemingly quick recovery is thanks in no small part to outpouring of community support and a microloan from the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program in conjunction with the Holyoke-based Common Capital.

Common Capital is a community loan fund and non-profit organization that provides financing and business assistance to small businesses and community projects. The funding helped purchase a new tortilla making machine, which produces 4,800 tortillas per hour instead of the approximately 90 tortillas owner Jorge Sosa, and his wife Dora Saravia and helpers were producing by hand. Equipment, such as Mi Tierra’s tortilla processing machine, can be out of reach for many small businesses, without the help of funding and financing.

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