Massachusetts Food System Collaborative
Massachusetts Food System Collaborative

Stories from the Healthy Incentives Program

The Healthy Incentives Program is transforming families, farms, and communities. More than 100,000 families have used HIP, and more than 240 farmers grow and sell crops through the program. These are some of their stories.

“We know we are helping the farmers as well. We support local farmers and businesses. If people don’t support farmers, they won’t be able to stay in business and that will affect the whole community. We like to be able to support them.” Read Suad and Haydar’s story.

“My family would belost without HIP,” says Nadine. “I refuse to get my food from any other place, other than my neighborhood farmers market.” 

“With the HIP program, I have the opportunity to bring my children to the market in the summer. It’s so good for them to get out and experience the market and for me to be able to have the money to buy things there with them.” Find out more about what HIP means to Phuong & Lai.

“My farm business is only successful to the extent my customers cook. HIP customers are cooking. And they are buying our vegetables by the cart-full.” Learn more from Chris.

“I prefer farm fresh fruits and veggies to the store-bought ones, they last so much longer and the flavor is so much better,” says Dianna. “I definitely eat more greens from the market, and I’m willing to try new things that I wouldn’t if I didn’t have HIP.”

“Since we have HIP, my health has improved a lot.” Lang & Ngo share their story about HIP here.

“This program is so good. I don’t know what the future is for this program but especially for seniors, it’s so important.” Read more from Anesti here.

“I think HIP should be year round. It’s beneficial for everyone. There is nothing better than eating healthy, fresh, and local. It’s a win-win for everyone.” Ilir talks about his family’s experience with HIP here.

“Before this program, I didn’t buy nearly as many fresh fruits and vegetables. This is helping us to get a lot more.” Aliza and Killian’s story is here.

Hear farmers and customers talk about how HIP has impacted their businesses, families, and communities:

“Without HIP, I would run out of my food allotment before the end of the month. This has been a lifesaver!” says Peggy, from Ashland:

“I’m growing more, I’ve had to hire more help. 200 acres of farmland is being kept farming” thanks to HIP, says Gary from Groton:

“My doctor asked ‘what are you doing?’ I said I’m eating local food!” says Jeanie from Northampton:

“The impact on job creation is huge,” says Farmer Dave from Dracut:

“My experience with HIP has been great!” says Jamie from Northampton:

“I love using my HIP benefits to the fullest,” says Kathy from Lowell.”I try to get everybody that I know participating in it.”

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