The Plan

Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan

The Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan, completed in 2015, contains goals and recommendations for progress toward a sustainable and equitable food system.


Initiatives of the Collaborative

The Collaborative's priorities for promoting, monitoring, and facilitating implementation of the Plan.


The people who make up our food system

Examples of the MA food system in action, and how recommendations in the Plan can support the businesses and individuals who comprise the system – from farmers to consumers, and everyone in between.

What's New

Massachusetts’ Local Food System: Perspectives on Resilience and Recovery

"Every bite each of us takes has been shaped by a complex range of forces, some in our control and others well outside of our control. By endeavoring to understand those forces better, and to play a more active role in influencing them, Massachusetts residents are working toward a food system that better meets the needs of everyone in the state."



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Tools for food system advocates.

About Us

Background on the MA Food System Collaborative.